My husband and I just recently purchased our first home for our growing family. Being first time buyers, we had not a clue in this world where to start. I have a few mutual friends that know some realtors so I started looking for reviews on who they were and how they helped others buy homes. One evening I came across BRANDON BERLANDO, 3rd Generation Realtor. Thinking to myself, he must have good knowledge if he is a 3rd generation realtor. I spent some time reading his reviews and most of them commented that he had helped " first time buyers" find their forever homes. That was what I wanted, was my forever home so I could make my family's life easier and not have to pay someone else's mortgage. I messaged Brandon and told him I was interested in buying a home in the Devon area. I summarized what we needed since I have some mobility issues. Independence has always been a big thing for me . I had to find a home that was going to give me just that. With three children under 6 and a husband that works full time, I knew most homes in Devon probably had multiple stairs, so I knew this wasn't going to be easy. Right after that conversation with Brandon, he got right to work to meet our needs. He was answering my 1000's of questions, and explaining them in a manner I understood. That was one of the things I liked about Brandon, is that I could understand what he was talking about in simple terms and wasn't too overwhelming. After going back and forth we found a home I knew we wanted to view. Within minutes Brandon was setting up a time to view it! He was getting things done. It didn't matter how busy he was. Brandon made sure WE came first! Also, another thing I liked about Brandon is that you can instantly tell he likes what he does. I viewed the house, fell in love. I felt like this was our perfect home. After going with Brandon a few times to see the house inside and constantly driving by with my husband, we knew it was time to make the next step. The financial part of it and putting an offer in on this perfect home went smoothly; again Brandon was there every step of the way. He took my family under his wing and handled pretty much everything he could. He gave us names of mortgage people who could assist with that part. This situation became a quick headache due to certain conditions, but Brandon reassured me and he was very confident this would be my perfect home. I was losing hope at the very end but so very glad I did not, as Brandon again dug in and took care of it. Now I am no longer in a house that has many stairs, and many barriers. I am a first time home owner thanks to Brandon; in my perfect home.

Brandon is a very punctual individual who goes above and beyond with his duties. He came to the inspection with me and called the individual I needed, as he knew what was required. He is very personable and will only answer the questions he knows, if he doesn't know an answer he will find it and get right back to you.

He creates relationships with clients that makes buying a home enjoyable and an exciting time. You start off as a client, then at the end of the process, we felt like we had known Brandon for a long time.

Thank you Brandon for all your hard work and handling this for us. You made this dream come true and we are forever grateful!

If anyone is looking for a great realtor - call Brandon! He is only a call away and you won't be disappointed!

Melanie & Devon ,